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Faboohlash foam wash has transformed my beauty routine. Their lash foam made the retention of my lashes longer. Their own brand is a game-changer; I can continue to enjoy the Faboohlash foam wash at home, it is gentle on my eyes and cleans thoroughly. Truly a remarkable experience!

Isabella R

I've tried numerous lash serums, but Faboohlash lash and brows serum stands out. I used it because of my prolonged use of lash extensions and I couldn't believe that it helps my lashes to grow healthy and fuller even. It is safe for lash extensions and I can use it with my brows too. I will keep using the serum forever.. Thanks Fab.

Sophie M

Fab Glow Up provide medical grade skin care called ZO Skin health which is my favorite skin care regimen. It is hard to get discounts with this type of skin care however, Fab Glow up gives me discounted prices while making my skin glowing and healthy.

Natalie B

Faboohlash has redefined my beauty standards. The personalized touch in every treatment reflects their commitment to making every client feel uniquely valued. Taking home their brand has become a ritual for me; it's like having a piece of Faboohlash's elegance with me every day. Faboohlash, you've earned a permanent spot in my beauty routine!

Emily S

Being a beauty enthusiast, I've experienced various salons, but Faboohlash is exceptional. Their state-of-the-art technologies, combined with a personalized approach, elevate the beauty experience. The fact that I can take home their own brand ensures the Faboohlash magic continues long after leaving the salon. Faboohlash is where beauty dreams become reality!

Olivia F

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